Beejpatra: An Initiative on Urban Farming

Beejpatra in Hindi translates as ‘cotyledons’- the part of the seed which nourishes it till it grows its own roots. It also translates as “the original letter”. This Newsletter is an attempt to nourish the germinating hope that cities can be made beautiful. This ‘Beautiful City’ need not be limited to aesthetics and material pleasures — it rather incorporates the beautiful ideas of freedom, equality and self-reliance. Urban farming is a step towards realizing this hope. Beejpatra is here to save and share the knowledge, experiences and possibilities in urban farming. Beejpatra is here to create a movement to radically transform our cities. Beejpatra, like cotyledons, is where the journey starts…

Read the inaugural edition of the leaflet here

We invite urban cultivators, researchers and enthusiasts to share their experiences and ideas on
urban agriculture. You can share with us-

  • Your experiences (or experiences of your friends/relatives) of farming in the house, terrace or balcony
  • A brief report on a community initiative of farming or encouraging farming in cities
  • Discussion on technical and theoretical questions related to urban farming
  • Original research work, short notes, or comments related to urban farming

Join Beejpatra Team
In order to make cities better, livable, green and self-reliant, some of us together have started an ‘urban farming community’. We believe that cities can be much better than the gathering of houses and machines. For the city dwellers, the city can grow more and better food, can provide clean air and water and can enhance the beauty in urban life. The cotyledon is a step in this direction. It is our endeavour through the cage to share the knowledge, experience and potential of urban farming with each other and with the society. We hope that this will lead us to a movement in which along with changing the way we think about cities, there will be a fundamental change in cities. Although we have a small team to edit this leaflet, if you are interested, it should help in furthering this effort. Leave a message at or


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