We synthesize the ideas and scholarly research on alternative models of development, systematize the state of the art, update theories with recent findings in the global south region, and publish cohesive proposals and commentaries to help create conditions wherein egalitarian and resilient urban systems can take shape. Learn More.

While a lot has been researched about land issues and the land relations has been explored and continues to get explored by academicians, journalists and civil society actors, an in depth understanding of land acquisition processes and practices is needed. With changing land relations and developments surrounding land laws it is of immense importance to see how land acquisition is being performed in everyday affairs by land acquisition and revenue bureaucracy. Learn More.

While the climate change and the consequent threats on existence of life on earth are now getting wider attention, the issue of justice in the climate action remains mostly side-lined. People’s Resource Centre is generating and spreading knowledge on climate justice- not only with a post-colonial global south perspective but also derived from an intersectional approach that is sensitive to the conditions of vulnerable social groups including women, children, indigenous people, Dalits, fisherfolks, pastoralists, small farmers and tenant farmers, and so on. Learn More.