While a lot has been researched about land issues and the land relations has been explored and continues to get explored by academicians, journalists and civil society actors, an in depth understanding of land acquisition processes and practices is needed. With changing land relations and developments surrounding land laws it is of immense importance to see how land acquisition is being performed in everyday affairs by land acquisition and revenue bureaucracy.


  • prcindia
    September 22, 2021

    Report on ‘Sinking Cities’

    The uncontrolled and destructive urbanisation has badly impacted the health of all rivers. Large scale damming, the concretisation of river channels, real estate development on the flood plains and dumping of wastewater have altered the very nature of the rivers and has endangered their mere […]
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  • prcindia
    July 10, 2021

    Riverfront: How Ahmedabad Lost Sabarmati

    Now Released: Please watch it here About The Film More than a hundred riverfront projects have already been planned in different Indian cities situated on rivers. These projects claim to transform riverbanks into recreational spaces for the public and to ‘beautify’ the urban rivers. The […]
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