Beejpatra: Fourth Leaflet | Oct’21

    November 1, 2021

    Beejpatra began as an attempt to provide a space for the urban farming community to present, talk about and propagate different ways in which citizens can make cities beautiful, socially just, more self-reliant, and ecological. It became a place to save and share the knowledge, […]

  • ANNOUNCEMENT | June 6, 2021

    [Applications Closed] Call for Application: Nagar-Nadi Fellowship

    [Applications for the Nagar-Nadi Fellowship are now closed. Please keep subscribe to our website for future updates.] About the fellowship People’s Resource Centre (PRC), an independent research organisation based in Delhi, is conducting research on infrastructure development on riverbanks in Indian cities, with a particular […].. Read More

  • Financing to Move on: Metro Rail in Smart City Mission and beyond

    October 14, 2021

    List of discussion points Metro ‘vs.’ Smart Cities Metro: Why and Why Not Is there any intent to learn? “Public” Transport Ridership and “Data Artifice” Revenue: Shades of Knowledge Politics Funding: The Dark Core Riding on Debt: The Problem Land Value Capture: What it Captures […] Read More

  • Another City Is Possible: Democratizing Urban Governance

    October 12, 2021

    The problems lurking in the prevalent system have initiated an urgent need to reimagine the structure of governance and the process of planning undertaken in the urban centres. Various people’s movements and initiatives also point towards the many disabilities rampant in the current governance system […] Read More

  • Towards Urban Agriculture Policy for the NCT of Delhi

    October 8, 2021

    Towards Urban Agriculture Policy for the NCT of Delhi: Why to have one and what it should do Urban Agriculture in Delhi Need for Urban Agriculture Policy Existing Institutional Context Challenges a UA Policy can address Approaches to UA Policy for Delhi Aspects of UA […] Read More

Resources for Social Transformation

PRC intends to build conditions and infrastructures so that a fairer, better system emerges out of the existing one. Apart from conducting action-oriented research and community-level interventions, PRC publishes resource material on politics of resource appropriation. PRC is also working towards republishing a series of forgotten/less-known texts of relevance to contemporary movements.


Urban Futures

We synthesize the ideas and scholarly research on alternative models of development, systematize the state of the art, update theories with recent findings... read more


While a lot has been researched about land issues and the land relations has been explored and continues to get explored by academicians, journalists.. Read more

Climate Justice

While the climate change and the consequent threats on existence of life on earth are now getting wider attention, the issue of justice in the climate action remains mostly side-lined. Read more