CFA engages in critical analysis, monitoring and critique of the role of financial institutions – national and international, and their impact on development, human rights and the environment, amongst other areas.

CYCLE works in different 'Lal Dora' areas of Delhi in both urban and rural villages. CYCLE assists the Lal Dora communities in data collection, fact-finding, policy research, media interaction and policy advocacy with the government for the implementation of cogently formulated public policies.

Dalit Adivasi Shakti Adhikar Manch (DASAM) serves as a platform facilitating the Dalits and Adivasis to claim their space in the existing cultural, literary, political and economic milieu.

IDS has carved out a niche amongst people-centric organisations based on its research and policy work on transport for more than 30 years, especially fighting for the rights of pedestrians, bicyclists, cycle rickshaw and public transport.

The Jindal School of Art and Architecture is founded with the vision to become one of the foremost schools of learning of the visual, material and the built environments. JSAA believes in research and innovative excellence that fosters interdisciplinary research cutting across academic programs allowing students and faculty to actively engage in addressing the most pressing issues facing our world today.

Main Bhi Dilli is a people's campaign to make planning in Delhi more representative and inclusive by engaging citizens in the process of the 2041 Master Plan.

National Alliance of Peoples Movements (NAPM) is a pan-Indian coalition of movements for social justice & democratic development, resisting oppression. NAPM provides a forum for coming together of numerous vibrant strands of ideologies.


TRIP-Centre is based at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and is an interdisciplinary academic unit focusing on the reduction of adverse health effects of road transport.

Vikalp Sangam (Alternatives Confluence) is a platform of ecological and community-centred alternatives across India.