Urban Futures

We synthesize the ideas and scholarly research on alternative models of development, systematize the state of the art, update theories with recent findings in the global south region, and publish cohesive proposals and commentaries to help create conditions wherein egalitarian and resilient urban systems can take shape.


  • prcindia
    July 15, 2021

    BeejPatra: Third Leaflet [July, 2021]

    We are happy to present the third leaflet of our ‘urban farming’ periodical- BeejPatra. BeejPatra provides a space for the urban farming community to present, talk about and propagate different ways in which citizens can make cities beautiful, socially just, more self-reliant, and free. The […]
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  • prcindia
    May 30, 2021

    Emerging Fronts and Dwindling Ganga

    A Preliminary Report on Patna Riverfront In recent years, a new generation of river-related developmental projects has received a strong push from central and state governments. After dubious claims of success in riverfront development projects on the Sabarmati river, the policymakers are now ready with […]
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