Urban Futures

We synthesize the ideas and scholarly research on alternative models of development, systematize the state of the art, update theories with recent findings in the global south region, and publish cohesive proposals and commentaries to help create conditions wherein egalitarian and resilient urban systems can take shape.


  • prcindia
    January 21, 2022

    Beejpatra: Fifth Leaflet | Jan’22

    The Fifth Edition of Beejpatra explores the symbiotic association between ‘waste’ and urban agriculture. Under capitalist urbanisation, waste is overproduction and a ‘non-value’ that can neither be consumed nor be invested back into the process of production. The production process itself is a linear rather […]
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  • prcindia
    November 1, 2021

    Beejpatra: Fourth Leaflet | Oct’21

    Beejpatra began as an attempt to provide a space for the urban farming community to present, talk about and propagate different ways in which citizens can make cities beautiful, socially just, more self-reliant, and ecological. It became a place to save and share the knowledge, […]
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