Farming the City 2020 – A People’s Convention on Urban Agriculture

People’s Resource Centre (PRC) and the Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS) organized a week-long webinar series on April 25- May 1, 2020 with the following objectives:

  • To initiate a grassroots-oriented discourse on the role of urban agriculture (UA) in relation with systemic issues including, but not limited to, food security, public health, degrading environment, energy security, social harmony, land use and relations of production, and so on
  • To connect the UA practitioners with community organizers, researchers, and other stakeholders and create a knowledge-sharing framework to augment the knowledge-oriented potential of UA
  • To seek the possibility of building and strengthening a collective organization (network, confederation, platform etc.) of the city- and neighbourhood-level urban agricultural practices

This event was originally planned as a convention hosted at IIT Delhi where participants could physically gather, discuss an and interact. The plans had to be changed at the last minute due to Covid19 and it was finally conducted as a series of webinar sessions.

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