Beejpatra: Second Leaflet | Mar’21

We are happy to present the second leaflet of our ‘urban farming’ periodical- BeejPatra. BeejPatra provides a space for the urban farming community to present, talk about and propagate different ways in which citizens can make cities beautiful, socially just, more self-reliant, and free.

Please read the second volume of BeejPatra here [pdf]

The second leaflet brings examples from the different parts of the world where the urban farming community have enhanced food security and preserved community knowledge through agroecology and reclamation of public spaces. In Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, urban farming has become the means to challenge the overarching structures of power and resist the occupation of land, indigenous knowledge and culture. We present here the summary of the discussion ‘Seeds of Resistance and Hope’ which was organised by PRC and attended by more than 100 people situated across the globe.

The leaflet also showcases the ongoing efforts of the PRC team to expand and grow the urban farming community. PRC will organise the second edition of the Farming the City convention and bring together academicians, practitioners, students, and enthusiasts. The focus of the convention this year is on women and other marginalised communities and the linkages between urban farming and food sovereignty, climate crisis and farmer’s protests. Also, in an attempt to know more about urban farming in India, research is being conducted in six cities of India through a Research Fellowship.

For the urban farming community to grow and thrive, collaboration is essential. Therefore we invite urban cultivators, researchers and enthusiasts to share their experiences and ideas. You can share with us-

  • Your experiences (or experiences of your friends/relatives) of farming in the house, terrace or balcony
  • Essay, article, brief report etc. on community initiative of farming or encouraging farming in cities
  • Discussion on technical and theoretical questions related to urban farming
  • Brief of original research work, short notes, or comments related to urban farming

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