Another City Is Possible- Localizing Urban Democracy

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People’s Resource Centre invites you to an online discussion on the need for localization of governance and planning in Indian cities. This is the second session in continuation of our ongoing series to imagine alternatives and present people’s initiatives around the idea that “Another City is Possible”.

In continuation with our first session, the speakers will present why and how to build local institutions for supporting and sustaining authentic democracy. Through these initiatives and ideas, we will try to understand why local, direct democratic institutions are critical to the management of resources in such a way as to make our cities inclusive, ecological and liberating for all.

We will also revisit the experience during the pandemic, and the ways in which the decentralized community approach proved to be more resilient in situations of despair and the absence of government support.

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The panel of Speakers:

Krishnakant (Member, National Alliance of People’s Movement – NAPM)

Sujata Sawant (Founder President Adarsh Foundation, Noble Foundation Mankhurd)

Avinash Chanchal (Senior Climate Campaigner, Greenpeace India)

Note: The discussion will be mostly in Hindi. However, translations (Hindi-English) and a live summary of the discussion will be available during the webinar.

You can watch the recording of the first session on decentralising urban democracy here:

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