Problems of Urbanization- Rashtriya Mudde

Rashtriya Mudde: Problems of Urbanization in India [Click here to watch the discussion]

 ‘Problems of urbanization’ was released as part of Rashtriya Mudde, an educational series on national issues.

Nishant, a member of PRC, joined Prof. Amitabh Kundu, former director of National Institute of Urban Affairs, to discuss the problems of urbanization. The session was recorded in July 2019 for an educational series ‘Rashtriya Muddey’ which is hosted by the Senior TV journalist Qurban Ali.

Nishant said that people in India have no rights in shaping the ongoing process of urbanization in Indian cities. He cited metro rails to argue how urbanization in India serving the interests of global capital, not of people. Therefore, there is a need to depart from the colonial frameworks of thinking and planning. In that case, we would be able to re-imagine urbanization according to the local needs. He argued that a better urbanization is possible if we take steps to implement the 74th amendment of Indian constitution. It can provide institutional arrangements for decentralizing governing powers and building capability of municipal bodies.

During the discussion, he also mentioned the ongoing project of PRC on urban agriculture in Delhi.

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