Nagar Nadi Dispatch 4: Nov-Dec 2022 (Riverfront Observatory Initiative)

Over the years, sediments carried by the Sutlej River have been accumulating at an alarming rate, leading to the gradual narrowing and shallowing of the riverbed. This phenomenon, known as silting, poses a significant challenge for the proper functioning of the dam. With reduced water storage capacity and increased risk of flooding during monsoons, the silting issue has become a matter of great concern for the authorities and the local communities alike.

Moreover, in tandem with silting, the rivers in the vicinity of the Bhakra Nangal Dam have also been experiencing shrinkage. Reduced water flow and a decrease in the overall volume of the rivers have raised questions about the sustainability of water resources in the region. The consequences of this ecological imbalance extend beyond the dam, impacting agriculture, drinking water supply, and the livelihoods of those dependent on the rivers for their survival.

This dispatch ‘THE SHRINKING RIVER : RIVER, SILT & FISHING’ delves into the causes and consequences of the silting and shrinking of rivers around the Bhakra Nangal Dam. The research has been conducted and compiled by Glory Rose Roy as part of Nagar Nadi Dispatch.

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