Theme: Governing the City, Call for Contributions for the Urban Kaleidoscope Journal – 3rd Edition

Urban Kaleidoscope is a quarterly journal that supports shifting perspectives on cities by amplifying the voices of activists, researchers, artists, academicians, professionals and various community stakeholders, and cultivating a collective space for the generation of ideas aimed at democratic sustainable, and inclusive cities. In this edition, we aim to delve into the intricacies of urban governance, exploring how decentralisation and participatory civic management have shaped the contemporary agendas of inclusive planning.

Exploring the multifaceted dynamics of Governing the City

The Indian urban landscape is a melting pot of rapid growth, diverse needs, and complex challenges and addressing layered urban lifestyle demands a holistic approach integrating the questions of liveability, participation, and accountability in the background of inevitable political influence. While the political systems intertwine with three tiers of governance, the diverse development efforts by various leaders and governing bodies create a complex web of policies for urban administration and planning. Unfortunately, promises rarely translate into tangible improvements, leading to finger-pointing and a stagnant situation. Amidst these challenges, efforts by legal frameworks, public policy analysts and research organisations have sparked relevant public dialogue. Mass perception regarding emerging concepts of participatory planning, e-governance and inclusive policies requires further academic attention and theorising for conversion into ground realities.

In this context, one should wonder how empowering local bodies can ensure holistic development, but are the local governments/actors adequately equipped? And, can democracy be “for the people, by the people” as our constitution lays down, if public perception does not factor into city planning and maintenance? Is politics solely electoral, or does it encompass a social responsibility to provide a sense of well-being? Therefore, research and action must go hand-in- hand, exploring how urban governance adapts when understanding diverse regional, conceptual and social contexts.

On that account, we encourage submissions of thought-provoking pieces based upon careful examination of the historical contexts, potential conflicts, and issues surrounding the array of funding, planning, power distribution, and regional aspirations within the complex overlay of hierarchies and norms associated with ‘Governing the City’.

We Seek Contributions From:

– Activists, community organisers, researchers, practitioners, planners and academics who
can provide valuable insights into the complexities of urban governance.
– Citizen writers and artists who wish to share their stories, experiences, and creative
expressions related to the theme.

We especially encourage contributions from Dalits, Adivasis, women, and individuals belonging
to the LGBTQIA+ community. Submissions can take the form of articles, essays, poetry, fiction
(short and long formats), reviews, and artwork (including captioned photographs, cartoons,
comics, and posters

Submission Guidelines:

● Submissions should be compiled in the following order: Title including author name;
abstract (150 words) and keywords; introduction and methodology; main body with
finding and then discussion. Avoid attaching links to in-text citations (as appropriate) and
all the figure/table captions accurately sourced.
● Submissions must follow British English, typed in double spaced A4 page layout with
Times New Roman font style (size 12). The article should have accurate Referencing
should in APA format.
● Word count should be between 1500 and 2000, inclusive of the abstract, footnotes, tables,
figure captions, footnotes and appendices.
● Contributions should not have been published elsewhere, but we operate under a
copyleft ethos, allowing articles to be republished elsewhere with author-contributors’
● Please submit your contributions to by March 15th ,

Young and new writers are encouraged to share their ideas and receive support in the drafting and editing process.

Urban Kaleidoscope is hosted at the People’s Resource Centre, Delhi. While we have a small editing team, your involvement can help further our efforts. Join us in unravelling the intricate layers of urban life and working toward just and livable cities for all. Leave a message at or

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