Theme: Water and City, Call for Contributions for the Urban Kaleidoscope Journal

Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Urban Centers and Water

Urban Kaleidoscope is delighted to announce the theme for its second issue: “Water and City.” In this edition, we aim to delve into the intricate relationship between cities and water, exploring how water sources, flooding, and water management have shaped the very fabric of urban life. Our goal is to provide a platform for citizens, activists, students, academicians and researchers to share their experiences, insights, and imaginations related to water in urban environments.

Why “Water and City”?

Cities around the world have historically been closely tied to water bodies, whether they’re built along rivers, lakes, or coastlines. Water is not merely a resource; it is a dynamic force that influences urban planning, development, and resilience. Today, urban centers are facing unprecedented challenges related to water, including climate change-induced floods, submerged towns, heavy rainfalls, landslides, and issues concerning drainage and sewage systems. Moreover, we recognize that issues related to water intersect with various aspects of society, including caste, class, gender, and other intersectional identities. We invite submissions that analyze how these intersections impact access to water, vulnerability to water-related disasters, and the overall urban experience.
In addition to critical analysis, we are interested in hearing about participatory activities and community-led initiatives related to the theme of “Water and City.” We welcome stories of how communities are actively engaged in building sustainable relationships with water in its various forms and channels within our cities. Writings exploring interpendence between urban water systems and people’s livelihood are also encouraged, the idea of the journal is to explore and undertsnad various junctions of water city relationship and reimagine it to strive for a just, equitable and sustainable urban future.

We Seek Contributions From:
Activists, community organizers, Researchers and academics who can provide valuable insights into the complex relationship between water and urban environments.
Citizen writers and artists who wish to share their stories, experiences, and creative expressions related to water in the city.
We especially encourage contributions from Dalits, Adivasis, women, and individuals belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community. Submissions can take the form of articles, essays, poetry, fiction (short and long formats), reviews, and artwork (including captioned photographs, cartoons, comics, and posters

Submission Guidelines:

  • We welcome contributions in both Hindi and English.
  • Short pieces should be within 1200 words, and long articles should not exceed 2000 words.
  • Please submit your contributions to by November 24, 2023.
  • Young and new writers are encouraged to share their ideas and receive support in the drafting and editing process.
  • Contributions should not have been published elsewhere, but we operate under a copyleft ethos, allowing articles to be republished elsewhere with author-contributors’ permission.
  • Urban Kaleidoscope is hosted at People’s Resource Centre, Delhi. While we have a small editing team, your involvement can help further our efforts. Join us in unraveling the intricate layers of urban life and working toward just and livable cities for all. Leave a message at or

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