Call for Archivist

Archivist Job Application Brief 

Job Brief
People Resource Center invites applications for an Archivist for archiving and preservation
services for PRC’s historical multimedia content. The candidate is expected to fulfil the role till
the completion of work. The duration of the project is 3 months (subject to extension on the
status of the project) starting from July 2024 and we prefer to select the candidate as early as
possible. The role will involve full-time office availability from the candidate.


● The ideal candidate must have prior experience with archival work
● Proficiency in written and verbal communication in English and Hindi is required
● A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in history, archaeology, public policy, development
studies, urban studies and economics or allied disciplines
● Strong organisational and management skills
● Experience working in an independent capacity

a) Inventory: The Consultant will inventory the contents of each hard drive and other
resources to assess the scope and nature of the data.
b) Sorting and Selection: The Consultant will sort through the data, determining what is
essential for the preservation and what can be discarded based on PRC’s appraisal criteria and
policies. rewriting of all the verbatim documents, this is to be further produced as chapters for
each session.
c) Preservation: The Consultant will ensure that the selected data is properly preserved by
migrating it to secure, reliable storage media and applying necessary digital preservation
d) Outdated Media File Types: The Consultant will utilize specialized equipment and
software to retrieve data from outdated media file types, converting them to modern, digital
formats for easy accessibility and searchability online.
e) Unreadable Documents: The Consultant will use special software and consult with
experts to retrieve information from unreadable documents, considering creating digital images
for easier access and searchability.

f) Converting Media File Types: The Consultant will convert all media file types to a
modern, digital format that can be easily uploaded and accessed on web platforms to ensure
accessibility for all users.
g) Metadata Creation: The Consultant will create descriptive, administrative, and technical
metadata for each item or group of objects using established metadata standards and best
h) Cataloguing: The Consultant will create an upload-ready media collection which can
then be used by the PRC on the platform of their choice.
i) Uploading: In accordance with the agreed-upon terms, it is expected that a substantial
proportion of the catalogued data will be uploaded onto the designated platform during the
duration of the contractual agreement.

If interested, email with a CV and a short paragraph of why you would be
a good fit for the role, with the subject line ‘Archival work application’. The deadline for
applications is 23rd June 2024.

Compensation will be compatible with current industry standards. We will consider applications
on a rolling basis till the position is filled.

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