These are the core values which we have adopted to guide us during the long journey that awaits. This array of ideas is the sole moral compass to keep our collective thinking in an order even in the most chaotic situations and in the most complex dilemmas.

Justice with Freedom

Class, Caste and gender hierarchies are structural and historically institutionalized. PRC is committed to fighting these structures of power and to building institutions for liberation of all. Internal organizing of PRC is also exemplary of its philosophy and our workplace is organized horizontally wherein members from diverse backgrounds can and do participate freely in every stage of its activities- from inception and planning to execution and presentation.

Non-violent Direct Democracy

PRC envisages people’s direct control over management of collective resources and, thereby, of their social lives through the methods of non-violent of agitation and democratic prefiguration. As Murray Bookchin had judiciously remarked - “Power to the people can only be put into practice when the power exercised by social elites is dissolved into the people.”

Evolutionary Learning, Experimentative Praxis and Extensional Solidarity

PRC does not subscribe to any political, philosophical or cultural orthodoxies. Strictly guided by its other two principal values, PRC will update and evolve its theoretical position by regular exchanges of knowledge and opinion among its members and friends. Experimentative praxis is essentially about attempting the “impossible” and discovering the “unthinkable”, and it will support ‘actionable research’, the underlined objective of PRC. ‘Extensional solidarity’ conveys the idea of how PRC’s activities should ideally conclude. Research, discussions and other activities of PRC aim to activate the process of spheres of solidarity being continuously extended to the extent that a counter-power starts to emerge.