Resource Mapping

Objective was to conduct an assessment of existing initiatives by movements, think tanks, academia, research collectives, NGOs or public bodies on lands and resources in India and to look at similar initiatives at the international level. Through this process, PRC also seeks to build collaborations and refine its boundaries to avoid duplication of efforts.

Auditing Land Acquisition Governance

This research systematically reviewed the CAG audit reports on land acquisition by industrial development agencies and sought further information using tools like RTI and interviews. It looks into the modus operandi of Industrial Development Corporations/ Boards (agencies) to decipher the gaps in our land law. 

The Unfolding Saga of Metro Rail

9 cities in India already have operational metro rail lines and more than a dozen others have submitted plans for getting a metro. Metro projects are being promoted in India as some sort of eco-friendly marriage between India’s urbanization and modernization. This project critically reviews the impact of metro rail system on everyday mobility and examines how these mega projects provide a cover to transfer and appropriate the public resources for corporate interests. Delhi and Lucknow are the case study cities.

Waterways Development

This also is a preliminary study of upcoming river port in Sahibganj (Jharkhand) to document its impact on livelihoods, culture and environment, and people’s perceptions of this development. This involved consultations with stakeholders of diverse profiles and collection of basic information on the historical, geographical and cultural aspects of the Sahibganj-Godda region.

Urban Agriculture, Food Security and Sustainability

Urban agriculture is a promising step towards communitarian autonomy and ecologically responsible urban life. As the distance between fields and kitchen decreases, the community gets more sovereignty over food production, distribution and consumption. This will be a collaborative project comprising of field research and participatory discussions with practitioners and innovators in all parts of Delhi.