PRC adopts the following principal values in order to be guided with clarity of thoughts in all its endeavors and decision-making:

Justice with Freedom: Acknowledging that the caste- and gender-based injustices against particular communities are historically institutionalized, PRC is committed to resist the structures of power and to create initiatives for building emancipatory institutions for liberation of all. Internal organizing of PRC also sets an exemplar of creating non-hierarchical workplaces where members from diverse backgrounds can build mutually enriching relationships beyond their professional lives.

Non-violent Direct Democracy: PRC envisages people’s direct control over management of collective resources and, thereby, of their public lives through non-violent means of agitation and prefiguration. As Bookchin had carefully remarked- “Power to the people”; can only be put into practice when the power exercised by social elites is dissolved into the people.”

Evolutionary Learning, Experimentative Praxis and Extensional Solidarity (ELEPES): PRC does not subscribe to any political, philosophical, or cultural orthodoxies. Strictly guided by its other two principal values, PRC will update and evolve its theoretical position by regular exchanges of knowledge and opinion among its members and friends. PRC will actively indulge itself in experimentative initiatives to attempt the “impossible” and discover the “unthinkable”. Such experimentative praxis will support ‘actionable research’,
the underlined objective of PRC. ‘Extensional solidarity’ conveys the idea of how PRC’s activities should ideally conclude. Research and other activities of PRC will aim to activate a process by which the spheres of social solidarity are continuously extended to the extent that a counter-power starts to emerge.