Ongoing Projects

River Ports on National Waterways​

In continuation of our work on national waterways, PRC will critically examine the riverfront development in Patna with an especial focus on its impact on river ecology.

Urban Farming Network ​

PRC defines urban farming as any farming activity within the city boundaries (we are deliberately disengaging from the contentious problem of defining city limits) and considers it a promising step towards not only communitarian autonomy but also reduction in urban carbon footprint. As the distance between fields and kitchen decreases, the community gathers increasing sovereignty over the food production, distribution and consumption. Compare this with our current situation in which corporations control the food choices and supply chain markets heavily involve long-distance transport. In this sense, connections between food sovereignty movement and urban farming movement (which is still not exactly a movement) are not hard to make.
Urban farming networks already exist in many metropolitan areas in India but these ‘communities’ are not necessarily oriented towards food sovereignty. PRC aims to develop these important connections and bring forth a grassroots action plan for urban farming in India. This will be a collaborative project comprising of field research and participatory discussions with practitioners and innovators in diverse parts of the country.