“Farming The City” @ IIT Delhi

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People’s Resource Centre is organizing Farming The City: National Convention on Urban Agriculture on April 11-12, 2020 in association with Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS) and TRIPP, IIT Delhi.


The convention aims to initiate a grassroots-oriented discourse on the role of urban agriculture (UA) in relation with systemic issues including, but not limited to, food security, public health, degrading environment, energy security, social harmony, land use and relations of production, and so on. 


A. Framing the farming: ideating UA particularly in relation with food-energy-waste linkages, social ecology, livelihood and meaningful work, circular and shared economy, pluralism in agroecology, gender and other structures of power, decentralized participatory governance, self-sufficiency, right to the city and other liberatory ideas of urbanism, working-class solidarity, and so on.

B. Vulnerable in the city: Assessing the challenges of UA in the current social, political, economic and legal environment, and amidst the ongoing contestations over land, water, natural resources

C. UA and the global food chain: making a case for greater localization of urban food system against the globalized and industrialized food system

D. Relation between urban and rural agriculture: from conflict to complementarity, from hierarchy to mutuality, from insecurity to sufficiency

E. That growing feeling: Cultural, emotional and sensual orbits of the UA

F. UA and the making of future cities: contrasting the concepts of technocratic ‘smart city’ with a humanistic ‘self-reliant city’

G. Rising up for the farming city: forging alliances, building solidarities with ongoing rights-based urban and rural movements

H. Any other topic of your choice, that may relate UA with other worldly affairs and contribute to a greater collective understanding.


We have invited participation from practitioners, research institutions and organizations working in the fields of health, food, energy, ecology, alternatives, students, media professionals, writers, and other enthusiasts.

We request the participants to evoke and enrich the discussions at the gathering by presenting research/discussion papers, case studies, posters, book reviews, documentary films, paintings or photo exhibition, play or any other cultural medium, or any other mode of expression that one might prefer on any of the themes.

The writings and the audio can be in any language but the participants presenting in language other than Hindi/English are kindly requested to provide a Hindi/English translation of full or summarized presentation.

The word limit for full (research/discussion/case studies) paper is 10000 words. Abstract should be limited to 500 words. To accommodate more and diverse presentations, maximum duration of films/play is 90 minutes. You can send a small clip (of less than 10 minutes) as preliminary submission.

Please send your abstracts/summaries/clips on latest by January 15

Confirmed participants are requested to send their full papers/films/presentations by February 15, 2020. Please write ‘submission’ in the subject-line. For queries related to registration, accommodation and travel etc., please write to with ‘Query’ in the subject-line.

Note: Last date for sharing abstract and full paper have been extended to January 31 and February 25 respectively. At this point, the window for fresh submissions has been closed.

If you are interested in participating, we request you to first read the concept note in English or in Hindi. To know more about the event, please get in touch and drop a line at


Online registration for participating in the convention is now open. Please follow this link for individual registration.

However, due to strict limitation on the number of participants, online registration would not guarantee you an access to the convention. Confirmation from the organizers is a must and it will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Priority will be given to those submitting and presenting their works.

Shortlisted participants will be intimated about confirmation of participation by March 10.


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