PRC plans to take up projects in specific rural/urban regions in India where there is reasonable resonance with the aforesaid objective. Such regions can be places with ongoing, past or potential struggle over resources (e.g. privatization of commons/public resources; destruction of ecology of rivers, forests and other natural resources; transformation of urban commons into structures of elite consumption such as metro rail; and so on). Attempt will be made to build conditions and infrastructures so that a fairer, better system emerges out of the existing one. In the process of imagining a new programme, we also aim to revisit the meaning-making of concepts/jargons that have become mundane in everyday life. Without clearly identifying the meanings of objects and concepts, any attempt to march forward will be prone to fallacies of popular perception. Apart from publishing the research findings and the accounts of our interventions, PRC will also publish the important texts on the subject with the purpose of wider dissemination of forgotten/less-known ideas of contemporary importance.

Over a longer term, PRC’s interventions will aim to:

Monitor and watch: implementation or manipulation of laws, upcoming policies, new infrastructures project sanctioned, resources-related conflicts, etc. PRC would here act as a “hub” or a platform collecting existing data and researches, consolidating, analysing them and making them accessible to a large audience (via our website, social media accounts, newsletters, working papers, research booklets, books… as open sources that can be mobilized by others).

Research and documentation: emerging issues, original approaches, unexplored territories or research questions, looking at cross cutting themes and ideas, ethnographic histories of various (forgotten) people-led struggles, going beyond issues – each and every work grounded in the grassroots experiences, built collectively and in a participative way, lending weight to people’s knowledge – not appropriating it.

Public outreach and dissemination: both our action oriented-research and more critical and conceptual work will be elaborated in a pedagogical way to be accessible to a wide audience and to actors of different nature and from various backgrounds. Inventing and adopting the participatory approaches to action and presentation will be an essential element of our interventions. Seminars, public events, digital contributions or itinerant workshops/sharing sessions will be fundamental not only to share the knowledge produced, but also to give it back to people’s and remain accountable to them. We will also pay a special attention to involve young activists and researchers in all our work, as a learning and nurturing experience both for them and for us.

Support to community groups: PRC’s objective is, at the core, to accompany people’s struggles, extend solidarity, provide tools or “capital” (technical, conceptual, financial, in terms of access to information or wider networks, etc.) to people’s fighting and experimenting/living alternatives at the grassroots level and beyond. Cultivating these skills within people’s movements is fundamental, so we will invest in long “capacity building”, so that communities are in, a medium-term, able to take up their struggles autonomously, as far as possible. Finally, networking – grounded in an intersectional approach – will be fundamental to our work and engagement and will be reflected in these four areas: our “self-defined” mandate is to contribute positively to building a common front, not to duplicate or overtake good and useful work being done by others.